Cutlery Drawer Organization

Is it just me or are cutlery trays an incredibly inefficient use of space?

The idea is great in theory – who doesn’t want all their different utensils separated by dividers?  The problem I’m finding is that they allot way more space for the separate items than what is actually needed.  With my old cutlery tray, I had about 4 inches of extra space with my forks, spoons and knifes and not to mention that the tray didn’t fill the entire drawer so there was extra space on the side and bottom too.


Cutlery Drawer Before

I’m sure there are wonderful cutlery trays out there but I don’t have the time to source one out that will potentially cost way more than I want to spend.My solution?  Dollar store baskets.


Cutlery Drawer After

I found these in the organizing section 3 for $1.00.  Price was certainly right so I made them a home in one of the higher traffic areas of my kitchen.  In addition to the cutlery that was in the old tray, I was also able to fit in an extra 16 dessert forks, 16 teaspoons and 14 steak knives.  Sounds like a more efficient use of space to me!

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28 thoughts on “Cutlery Drawer Organization

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  5. Living in the New York Metro area, I have been to the Dollar Tree store and many other dollar stores on more than one occasion. I have not found ONE of the pieces that you have suggested here!
    However, I did find a fantastic cutlery drawer at IKEA. Granted, not everybody has one nearby but there are good drawers to buy out there. Any extra space (and I did not have any, despite large drawers,) can be then filled with narrow plastic trays.
    You have some great ideas but the pieces you suggested here are definitely not available to many of us!!!

    • I’m sorry to hear you couldn’t find the pieces! Being in Canada (Toronto, Ontario more specifically), our most popular dollar store chain is Dollarama (which I’m assuming you don’t have in the States). That is where I purchased these baskets. Glad you found something that works at Ikea! Happy organizing!

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